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  • What is the physical address of Intrinseca Cosméticos?
    The natural and vegan cosmetics brand Intrinseca Cosméticos does not have a physical address. We are an e-commerce company that works through several digital platforms, such as: Facebook, Instagram and Virtual Store. To find out more, see the 'Contact' section;
  • Does Inrinseca Cosmeticos serve my city or state?
    Intrinseca Cosméticos makes deliveries throughout Brazil. Depending on the location (state/region) there will be a fixed shipping charge. Intrinseca Cosméticos will soon be able to offer other options for shipping products with lower rates and faster delivery;
  • In case of exchange or return how should I proceed to ship the product?
    If you fit into any of the alternatives for returning or exchanging the product (see Shipping and Return Policy ) get in touch via our chat or email: so that the exchange and/or return can be processed;
  • How are Intrinseca Cosmetics products manufactured?
    Intrinseca Cosméticos products have an exclusive formulation with 100% natural ingredients. That's why its manufacture is artisanal, all cosmetics and products from Intrinseca Cosméticos are custom-formulated, dated, tested by certified laboratories (request reports if necessary) and stored in stock under special climatic conditions until their destination to the consumer. For more information, write to:;
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